Welcome to Bangladesh Society of Anaesthesiologists (BSA)

Bangladesh Society of Anaesthesiologists (BSA) was formed in1974 with Prof. K.A.S.M.A.Quader and Dr.Md. Shafiqur Rasul as its President and Secretary respectively. Our journey began in 31 December in 1978 through first national conference held on the same year. Our society conducted 27 (Nineteen) National conferences until its inception. The society will pass its youth with the passage of time in 2011covering a period of 37 years. However, the long Journey was not very comfortable for it. The scope of the society has expanded by this time. As a result, the society has become member of the world Federation of the Societies of Anaesthesiologists in the year 1987. South Asian Confederation of Anaesthesiologists (SACA) was formed on 31 December 1991 in New Delhi & first Congress of SACA was held in Dhaka in October 27-29, 1993. There were only six postgraduate anaesthesiologists in the society during its inception. By this time, by the help of our society has produced about 750 different criteria of postgraduate anaesthesiologists engaged in their profession at home and abroad and acquired name and fame in their respective fields of work. The existing number of the members of the society is now about 750 including 425 life members.   Now there is  different  divisional and district  branches .