Welcome To SAN

The Society of Anesthesiologists of Nepal (SAN) was founded on 14th November1987, with the initiation of a handful of Anesthesiologists, at an informal meeting held in Kathmandu, recognizing the need of a professional organization to promote the interests of anesthesiologists and to uplift the status and broaden the role of anesthesiologists in providing safe and quality anesthetic services in Nepal.

An ad hoc committee was formed under the chairmanship of Dr. P.D. Shrestha, vice chairperson – Dr R. Amatya & secretary – Dr G.R. Bajracharya. SAN was recognized by the Federation of Society of Anesthesiologists (WFSA) at the 9th World Congress of Anesthesiologists in Washington D.C. in May 1988. The society was officially registered with the Nepalese government in April 1991.